10 Thousand Mw Power Plant Does Not Operate During Eid

Reporter: Asean- Power.com

Editor: Ferry Muharram

Asean-power.com, Jakarta PT PLN (Persero) will reduce the operation of the plant to offset the decline in electricity consumption during Eid. Consumption decreases as industry and business activities decline.

Central Java Regional Business Director Amir Rosidin said, during Eid, the peak electricity load dropped by around 56 to 60 percent. Its capacity is from 27,817 Mega Watts (MW) to 17,179 MW, while the power is capable of supply of 27,817 MW. ”
That’s the peak load, the morning load is even lower at 12,100 MW. “The morning when people go to the Eid prayer, because the house is turned off right after the Eid,” said Amir, while reviewing the Load Control Center (P2B), Gandul, Depok.
He revealed, to balance the decline in electricity supply, PLN would reduce the operation of the plant in the Java Bali region, as many as 20 units with a total capacity of 10 thousand MW.

“When the load goes down, some of our power plants turn off. Because it’s useless to turn on but there’s no burden,” he said.

According to Amir, an un-operated builder of the type of Steam Power Plant (PLTU) and Gas Power Plant (PLTG), when it is not operated the plant experiences light maintenance so that when it is operated again it can be more optimal.

“Once again, if it is turned off, the load is indeed low. Then it is turned off. And that gives an opportunity for the plant manager to do simple inspection,” he said.

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