Additional Electricity from Renewable Energy is targeted at 16 thousand MW in 2028

Jakarta – The government continues to be actively involved in fulfilling Paris Agreement through the implementation of various policies regarding Renewable Energy (EBT). This policy is a form of responsibility in controlling people’s energy consumption, thus creating sustainable development.

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’s Director of Engineering and Environment, Wanhar said, to support the development of EBT and to fulfill the 23 percent Energy Mix in accordance with national energy policy in 2025, the government has issued several policies, including ESDM Regulation Number 50 of 2017 concerning Utilization of Energy Sources Renewable for Electricity Supply

Then, ESDM Regulation Number 49 of 2018 concerning the Use of Roof Solar Power Systems by Consumers of PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) and Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number 39 K / 20 / MEM / 2019 concerning Ratification of PLN RUPTL 201-2028.

He explained, in order to accelerate the achievement of the renewable energy mix target, additional electricity generation from renewable energy could be carried out outside the details of the 2019-2028 PLN RUPTL in accordance with the needs of the local electric power system.

Regarding the commitment of the EBT composition for the energy mix of 23 percent, Wanhar said that it would be fulfilled through PLTA 10.4 percent, PLTP and other EBTs at 12.6 percent.

“Through the RUPTL 2019-2028 PT PLN (Persero), the ESDM Ministry has instructed PLN to continue to encourage the development of renewable energy. In this latest RUPTL, the target of adding electricity from renewable energy until 2028 is 16,765 MW, “he said in Jakarta.
Regarding the target, currently the House of Representatives (DPR) is also preparing a new and renewable energy bill (EBT Bill). The EBT bill is a step to immediately abandon dependence on fossil energy, and turn to new renewable energy, say geothermal.

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