American Electricity Supply from Renewable Energy Exceeds Coal

Jakarta – For the first time the United States has received electricity from renewable resources such as water, wind, sunlight and geothermal energy which is greater than the electricity supply from coal.
The figure was officially released by the United States Energy Information Administration this week after it was previously published starting last May.
22 percent of electricity produced in America in April is supplied from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal sources, according to the US Energy Information Administration, which released official figures this week after it was published starting in May. Only 20 percent of electricity production in April came from coal.
The transition from coal, according to the US Energy Information Administration, is suspected by a decline in public demand for electricity because late spring to early autumn is lower because there is not much need for heating and cooling.

Meanwhile, the increase in electricity supply from sources that can be updated according to them is due to snow melting, which ultimately makes the downstream power plants experience an increase in water supply to drive their turbines.

Coal, which is considered the dirtiest source of electricity, has a long-term downward trend, reaching its lowest level in the past 41 years, no less than 51 coal factories have been closed since 2016 and eight coal companies have submitted their bankruptcy applications in four last year.

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