Bengkulu’s electricity recovery progress has reached 74.28%

JAKARTA. The electricity recovery progress after flash floods and landslides in Bengkulu has reached 74.28%. A total of 119 substations have been normalized, and have successfully restarted 7,348 customers or 74.64%.

In addition, PLN also succeeded in repairing 2 feeders and leaving 2 feeders still in the process of repair. The progress of repairing collapsed poles has also progressed, currently there are 18 poles of medium voltage networks and low voltage networks that have been successfully repaired.
Behind this recovery effort there are PLN officers in the field who work day and night 24 hours without stopping, they are deployed to erect more poles which have collapsed due to floods and landslides. Christ Lopiga Tarigan, a PLN official from Bengkulu, took part in the bengkulu recovery team.

“It is our duty to help accelerate the recovery of electricity after the earthquake,” said Christ, an official at the Bengkulu recovery team.

He claimed to rebuild the pole and the collapsed electricity network was not easy, so it needed hard work. Because of that the physical energy and health must be excellent because the work is very hard. Moreover, many poles and electricity networks are buried, so to rebuild must use a new pole and network.

“Tired and longing for families often hit, but we believe our struggle in improving electricity in Bengkulu will not be in vain. We hope one, so that citizens can return to enjoy the brightness of electricity” added.

Meanwhile, in an effort to accelerate recovery in Bengkulu as many as 257 officers from PLN UIW West Sumatra, UID Lampung, UIW S2JB, PLN public kitchen team and the quick reaction of PLN have been mobilized.

“Today we are adding joint personnel to electricity recovery, this is important in order to accelerate the recovery process. Until now, our main obstacle is a broken road due to landslides and a number of locations that are still flooded,” said Vice President Public Relations Dwi Suryo Abdullah.

The post and public kitchen from PLN Peduli and the Baitul Maal Foundation have also been established and began distributing packaged rice and basic necessities and blankets to three locations namely Air Hitam village, Tanjung Alam village, Taba Pananjung, Bengkulu Tengah. To this day, the aid provided has reached 230 million rupiah for basic necessities and refugee camps.

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