Indonesia Papua Anticipates Rising Electricity Needs During 2020 PON

Indonesia – The management of PT PLN (Persero) Parent in the Papua and West Papua regions has anticipated the possibility of a surge in electricity demand during the PON XX event. As is known, Papua will host the PON in 2020.

Assistant Communication Manager for the PLN Parent of Papua and West Papua Region Septian Pujianto in Timika, said that the electricity demand for the PON XX event is quite large. Not only in Jayapura City and Regency, large electricity is also needed in a number of other clusters such as Timika, Biak, Wamena and Merauke.
“Previously we had held a meeting with the PB PON Papua ranks. We have designed and anticipated a surge in electricity demand, especially to illuminate a number of venues for sporting events during PON 2020. But we need certain data on how much additional electricity needs in Timika, Biak, Wamena , Merauke, including in Jayapura, “Septian said.

In order to meet the electricity needs of the City and Jayapura Regency to Keerom District, the ranks of PLN are building a 50 megawatt Oil and Gas / PLTMG Power Plant in Holtekam Jayapura. The Holtekam PLTMG is scheduled to be operational later this year with a capacity of 40 megawatts.

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