Investment License for Power Plant Delivers to OSS System

Jakarta, – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) states that the electricity licensing process can already be carried out through an Online Single Submission System (OSS). One aspect covered is permission to build a power plant.

The Head of the Public Information Service Communication Bureau and the Cooperation of the Supreme Private Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said the integration was carried out to simplify the licensing process.

“There are six electricity licenses that are generally already included in the OSS, as well as four additional permits for geothermal plants, all of which have now been processed through OSS,” said Jakarta.
IUPTL and IUJPTL are needed so that the construction of electric power plants can meet the electricity safety aspects.

If specified, six electricity business licenses can be processed through OSS, namely the Electricity Supply Business License (IUPTL), Operating Permit, Establishment of Business Areas, Cross-Country Electricity Sale and Purchase Permit, Electricity Support Services Business License (IUJPTL) conducted by BUMN or PMA or the majority of shares owned by PMA, and Permit for Utilization of Electric Power Networks for the Purposes of Telecommunications, Multimedia and Information from holders of permits stipulated by the Central Government.

“IUPTL and IUJPTL can immediately be given to developers through the OSS system after the developer conveys a commitment to fulfill the requirements as stipulated in the ESDM Ministerial Regulation Number 39 of 2018 concerning Electronic Integrated Business Licensing Services in the Electricity Sector,” he said.

Meanwhile, four geothermal permits that have been processed through OSS include the Assignment of Preliminary Geothermal Survey, Geothermal Permit, Geothermal Support Business Agreement, and Permit to Use Geothermal Explosives Warehouse.

In addition to licenses issued by the ESDM Ministry, continued Agung, at least investors need more than 50 other permits that still need to be processed through the Central One-Stop Services (PTSP), Provincial PTSP and Regency / City PTSP.

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