Jatigede 2×55 MW Hydroelectric Power Plant Reaches 45%

The physical progress of the construction of the Hydro Power Plant (PLTA) Jatigede 2×55 megawatt (MW) as a whole has reached 44.89%.

Based on data as of September 25, 2018, the realization of engineering work had reached 2.56%, procurement was 11.73%, and construction had been 30.59%.

PMIS Manager and PLN Technical Administration Central Java I Central Development Unit (PLN UIP JBT I) Ainanto Nindyo said, the biggest challenge faced in the construction of the Jatigede hydropower plant was the construction of a water tunnel. The geological conditions of the surrounding area which are quite bad make the tunneling work quite risky.

“We do not know how the risks will occur. There can be wet rivers, there can be toxic gases, faults. The challenges are quite large. Even though lately there has been shrinkage and some collapsed land,” Ainanto said in Bandung on Friday night. (10/20).

Regarding licensing, the PLN UIP JBT I is now only completing one permit related to the construction of an irrigation dam. Ainanto said the licensing status for irrigation regulating weir would be increased to regulating dam.

There is a change in the design of the irrigation dam to anticipate the amount of flood discharge that is estimated to be greater than planned. This design change is still under study so that the calculation of additional investment in this project is unknown.

On the other hand, currently the material for the main equipment, such as turbines, began to be imported from China.

“Maybe there are still some shipments, until the end of the year around 12 shipments,” Ainanto said.

If there are no significant obstacles, the Jatigede hydropower is scheduled to start entering the PLN system by the end of 2019.

The construction of the project included in Fast Track Program (FTP) 2 was carried out by the Chinese construction and construction company, Synohydro and PP Consortium. The investment value of this project reached US $ 82.56 million and Rp.635 billion from the APLN fund and the Export Credit (ECA) funding of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (China) Limited.

Later, this hydropower will supply electricity to the Sunyaragi (Cirebon) and GI Rancaekek (Bandung) substations (Bandung).

This hydropower plant is located in Sumedang Regency which includes Jatigede District (Kadujaya Village, Cijeungjing Village, and Karedok Village) and Tomo District (Cipeles Village).

This hydropower plant is used to increase the reliability of the electricity system in the South Bandung sub-system and the Mandirancan sub-system. In addition, the Jatigede Hydroelectric Power Plant was also built to reduce the load of 150 kV High Voltage Air Channels (SUTT) Sunyaragi-Rancaekek.

The Jatigede hydropower plant will utilize the Jatigede reservoir water built by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. Jatigede Reservoir is the second largest reservoir in Indonesia after the Jatiluhur dam in Purwakarta and the largest in Southeast Asia. With the total household heads (KK) affected by the dam project, there were 11,469 households with an area of ??about 4,983 hectares.



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