Kalimantan Electricity Ready to Welcome the New Capital City

JAKARTA – PT PLN (Persero) Regional Kalimantan ensures that it is ready to meet the electricity needs of the industry and the new capital if realized. At present, the electricity conditions in Kalimantan have reserves of 331.5 MW. The reserve figure comes from net affordability of 1,778 MW, while the electricity load to be supplied is 1,446.5 MW.

The power to be able to supply from power plants in Kalimantan totaled 1,984 MW. Kalimantan Regional Director of PLN Machnizon Masri revealed, the electricity condition in Kalimantan Island in the future will be increasingly reliable following the completion of several new plants. This year alone, there will be supplies from two independent power producers (IPP) with a capacity of 200 MW each.

“400 MW will be included next year so that the total of the next year will increase by 800 MW,” Machnizon said while talking to the media in Jakarta recently.
At present Kalimantan electricity consists of two grids, the Equatorial System and the Kalimantan Sitem. The Kalimantan system is an interconnection between the Barito subsystem in South and Central Kalimantan and the Mahakam subsystem in East Kalimantan. Outside of the two grid systems, Kalimantan electricity is supplied through isolated systems.

Machnizon revealed, overall electricity sales in Kalimantan showed a positive trend with growth up to May 2019 reaching 10.09%, above the national electricity consumption growth which was in the range of 6-7%. “The trend continues to rise since January last year. This is in line with the entry of a number of industries in various regions in Kalimantan,” he said.

He revealed, with the current electricity conditions and the existence of several plants being built, Optomistis PLN could meet customer needs. Including supplies for new capital areas if realized in Kalimantan. “Yesterday the capital city candidates were circulating in Gunung Mas or Bukit Suharto, which was surveyed, wherever we will be ready,” he said.

According to Machnizon, electricity demand for the new capital is estimated at 500 MW and is believed to be fulfilled. Such a large number reflects on electricity needs in Putrajaya, Malaysia’s new capital city. “In comparison, in the current capital city of Jakarta, the peak load reaches 5,000 MW because there are many industries, malls and others,” he said.

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