Kampung Kitiran, Energy and Environmentally Friendly Mandiri Tourism

Indoensia – In recent years, global warming has combined the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy buzzing. Because the greater energy needs are not accompanied by the expansion of eternal energy.

To produce electricity, for example, humanity relies more on fossil fuels, which undoubtedly undermine the supply of non-renewable energy reserves in the future. One step is needed to then run to achieve self-sufficiency in renewable energy from various sources provided by nature.

As a tropical country, Indonesia is blessed with 12 hours of sunshine. And the sun is a source of eternal energy. Since billions of years ago, the sun has become the support of the life of the universe.

The issue of environmentally friendly energy use makes the sun an attractive energy source. Also, with Kampung Kitiran, Pagak Village, Banjarnegara.

The tourist area which is determined to be able to be independent of energy starts to use solar energy to support its electricity needs. An important step has begun. The Government of Pagak Village which is a tourist village in collaboration with Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto (UMP) began this important step.

Sunday, March 3, 2019, the UMP Faculty of Engineering installed solar panels, as part of the Kitiran Village long-term plan. The village complex is also fitted with lighting.

The installation of the Solar Power Plant in the tourist area of ​​Pagak Village is one of the proposed programs for managers of Pagak Tourism Village regarding renewable energy which was then followed up by the UMP Electrical Engineering Study Program.

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