National Electricity Consumption Predicted to Decrease 35 Percent during Eid

JAKARTA, – PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) predicts a decrease in electricity consumption during Eid 2019. This reduction in electricity consumption can reach 35 percent compared to consumption on a normal day. “Down about 30 to 35 percent of the peak load is down,” said Central Java Regional Business Director Amir Rosidin at the Gandul Load Control Center (P2B), Depok, West Java. Amir explained, the decrease in the amount of electricity consumption was due to industrial factories on holiday during Eid. Because, so far the biggest electricity consumption comes from industrial consumers.

“The influence of about 30-35 percent (to electricity sales). It’s only about 2 weeks long from say 30 (May) to 9 (June). And on the 9th, people haven’t started yet. Starting a new load rises. “It’s quite a big influence (to finance),” Amir said. Meanwhile, continued Amir, Java-Bali electricity consumption decreased by 60 percent. During Lebaran the peak electricity load is 17,179 Mega Watts (MW), while the power is capable of supply of 27,817 MW. The estimated consumption has decreased 56 to 60 percent. “This amount is enough to serve the peak Eid load which is estimated to reach 10,637 MW Operating Reserves and 62 percent Reserve Margin,” he said.

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