New B30 BBM can be used next year

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Editor: Ferry Muharram, Jakarta – The 30% biodiesel road test or the new B30 is inaugurated today. The launch of the road test was carried out by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ignasius Jonan.

In his report, the Head of Research and Development Agency, ESDM Ministry Dadan Kusdiana said, this trial is to support the implementation of the B30 in which the provisions will be applied next year.

“We represent these test implementers because they involve various agencies, permission to report road tests or road tests. First, this activity is in order to support the implementation of the mandatory biodiesel program which is based on Regulation 12 of 2015, starting 2020 to B30,” he said. .
He said, this trial is to compare the effects of using B30 on a vehicle. The results of the trial will be a recommendation in the implementation of the B30.

“Later the output of this activity is in the form of recommendations for readiness for B30 implementation next year,” he said

Clearly, this trial uses 11 units of vehicles divided into two categories, vehicles or cars with a weight of less than 3.5 tons as many as 8 units. Then, above 3.5 tons or 3 trucks.

For cars, trials are targeted at a distance of 50,000 miles with 159 days needed. Whereas trucks are 40 thousand km with 149 days.

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