Patimban Port Can Supply Electricity from Indramayu PLTU

Jakarta – PT PLN (Persero) signed a joint agreement with the Ministry of Transportation about providing electricity supply in the Patimban area. Patimban Port will soon operate this year, where in the early stages the car terminal will operate first.

“PLN is preparing electricity infrastructure, especially for industry. We will prepare it as needed in the Patimban area,” said Central Java Regional Business Director Amir Rosidin.

PLN will build a special 50-megawatt (MW) substation with a Rp 100 billion fund in Patimban Port, West Java. The 50 megawatt capacity will be used for phase I (car terminal) and stage II (container terminal).

“We will build a special substation there (port of Patimban) so that it will be closer,” he said.
The need for the car terminal itself is around 1.8 – 2 megawatts. However, the electricity supply will still be adjusted to the needs when operating later.

“Phase I is around 1.8 – 2 mega. Later we wait for their infrastructure readiness. We will always go hand in hand,” Amir said.

The electricity supply to Patimban itself will be supplied from the Indramayu PLTU. Amir said that so far, PLN’s readiness to supply electricity to the Patimban area has no problem because the electricity capacity in the Indramayu PLTU is able to supply Patimban Port.

“The ones that will operate this year are Cilacap 1,000 megawatts, 2×1000 rods (2020), then in 2021 they will enter Tanjung Jati 2×600, and 2023-2024 will enter 1,000 MW in Indramayu. We will supply Patimban from the plants in Indramayu,” he said.

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