PGE will operate a 500 kW Pilot Plant for Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) from the Indonesia-Germany collaboration

North Sulawesi-Indonesia, the German Government, through the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) qq GFZ has carried out ‘transfer ownership’ of Pilot Plant PLTP Binary Cycle 500kW assets to the Government of Indonesia represented by Kemenristekdikti qq BPPT in Lahendong, Tomohon, North Sulawesi ( 1/21).

Present at the handover event, Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Mohamad Nasir, represented the Indonesian Government, who claimed to be pleased with the establishment of good cooperation between Indonesia and Germany in developing renewable energy, in the geothermal field. He also expressed his appreciation on behalf of the Indonesian Government, for science and technology cooperation and geothermal innovation that has been taking place from 2010.

The Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education said that this collaboration supports the implementation of research policies in Indonesia. The direction of research policy in Indonesia is in line with strengthening in 10 (ten) focus areas contained in the National Research Master Plan (RIRN), namely Agriculture and Food, Health, Engineering Engineering Technology (including Information Technology), Transportation, Marine, Transportation, Defense, Social and Humanities, and Energy (including renewable energy and alternative energy, where geothermal technology is also included).

Along with the functions of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Minister Nasir added, technology research and geothermal innovation in Indonesia are continuously being developed optimally. Indonesia, which has the largest geothermal resources in the world, which is equal to 40% or around 28,000 MegaWatts, needs to develop a variant of energy technology that is free of emissions and / or pollution, to reduce the impact of climate change (climate change) and there are already several good electric power industries public and private sectors that have used geothermal or geothermal energy. This collaboration was built together with Germany, Indonesia (BPPT, PT Kolorindo, and PT Guthrie Probolinggo).

“I am proud of the results of the collaboration between Indonesian Science and Technology and Innovation, because technology and innovation can also be used by universities in Manado such as Samratulangi University, Menado State University and Manado State Polytechnic, so the ABG-C concept (Academic, Business, Government and Community) has been going well. The Science and Technology (Iptekin) cooperation in geothermal / geothermal management is more advanced because the rest of geothermal processing can be reused through the Binary Cycle process to produce electricity, “said Nasir.

Menristekdikti continued, at this time, through technology prototypes and innovations made in Germany, the remaining processing of geothermal energy that was reused was able to produce electricity of 500kW. Therefore this prototype will continue to be developed so that it can be applied in other geothermal locations.

In its utilization, the PLTP assets will be managed by Pertamina PGE. Whereas for human resource development and research, it will collaborate with local universities such as Manado State Polytechnic and Sam Ratulangi University.

“At present geothermal utilization in Indonesia is only 4% of the 9% use of renewable energy. Even though Indonesia has great geothermal potential, if used optimally it can produce 28000-29000 MegaWatt, “Nasir said.
The Minister of Research and Technology hopes that the geothermal assets have been handed over, can be one way to improve human resources in the fields of geothermal, education and research.
Also on this occasion, was conveyed by Acting. Head of BPPT, Wimpie Agoeng Noegroho Aspar, that Indonesia has abundant goethermal resources. The use of geothermal technology is also intended to reduce pollution in order to minimize emissions and pollution, as a response to responding to the effects of global climate change.

“So far BPPT has collaborated with GFZ and Pertamina Geothermal Energi (PGE) in building this geothermal technology, and this is a sustainable geothermal energy concept. Indonesia also has a cooperation agreement between the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology and the BMBF (Ministry of Education and Research) of Germany on April 17, 2010 concerning the development of geothermal technology, then BPPT with GFZ in June 2010, and between BPPT and PGE in 2012, “Wimpie said.


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