PLN Electricity Sales Increased by 4.31% due to sustained industry

JAKARTA – PT PLN (Persero) recorded an increase in electricity consumption in the first semester of 2019 compared to last year. Realization of electricity sales in the first semester of 2019 reached 117.32 tera hours (TWh), up 4.31% compared to the same period in 2018 of 112.46 TWh.

“This year the target is to grow 6.97% or reach 247.3 TWh. As of June 2019, electricity sales have reached 4.31%,” said Acting Director of PLN PLN Djoko Rahardjo Abumanan in Jakarta on Wednesday (17/7 / 2019).

According to him, the growth of PLN electricity consumption is supported by industrial customers. PLN recorded total industrial customer growth during semester I / 2019 of 1.28% with sales reaching 36,795 gigawatt hours (GWh). In total, the industrial customer group has a contribution of 31.36% of the total sales of PLN electricity.
For the middle industry group with power above 200 kVA (I-3), they have a contribution of 22% or more compared to other industrial groups. After having experienced a growth of minus 3.8% in May 2019 compared to the previous period, in June 2019, medium-sized industrial electricity consumption began to experience improvement. The medium industry tariff group was able to record growth of 6.1% in June 2019 compared to the previous month.

From the distribution area, the consumption of kWh per customer per day per tariff group in the middle industry segment has increased in 18 regions spread in Papua and West Papua, North, Central and Gorontalo (Sulutenggo), South Sumatra, Jambi, and Bengkulu (S2JB) , and West Sumatra.

While the industry segment that experienced an increase in electricity consumption was the plastic industry which grew by 15.3% after the previous month grew by minus 1%. The plastic industry was followed by the growth of food and beverage industry consumption by 12.2%, paper industry 8.9%, steel industry 5.7% and textile industry 2.5%.

“So the consumption growth of the Industrial group until June 2019 reached 1.28%. Whereas in the previous month, growth up to May 2019 was 0.56%,” he said.

Not only that, the sale of electricity was also supported by customer contributions from households. Recorded in the first semester of 2019 household customers amounted to 50.29 TWh, grew 5.95% from the realization of the same period last year of 47.51 TWh. “The number of household customers is also the highest at 67.38 million,” he explained.

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