PLN Offers Renewable Energy Services for Industrial Customers

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Editor: Ferry Muharram, JAKARTA, – PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) offers Premium Renewable Energy services, aka premium renewable energy. This service is in accordance with the needs of industrial customers. According to Julita Indah, Executive Vice President (EVP) of Product Development at the PLN Department of Business and Customer Service, his party has the competence to issue certificates to companies, if they request that their energy supply be sourced from renewable energy. “Renewable Energy (RE) is a form of customer specific service needs, where those currently joined in the Global 100% RE organization, companies within the organization are committed, their network is supplied from renewable energy,” Julita said in a statement

Premium Green Energy is one of the service categories, as well as service categories for green, blue, or crystal. Meanwhile, Julita added, the clause stated in the company requirements, they will enjoy the service of the Green Energy Premium category, if their energy needs, supplied from one of the renewable power plants. A number of power plants originating from renewable energy sources include Geothermal Power Plants (PLTP), Hydroelectric Power Plants (PLTA), Bayu Power Plants (PLTB), Solar Power Plants (PLTS), Biofuel, Biomass, Sea Waves, and Tides. Julita said, there are currently two companies that are in the process of discussing the contract clause, so they have the right to pocket the Premium Green Energy certificate, as a company that applies the Global 100% RE.

The two companies are manufacturers of footwear, clothing and sports equipment Nike Inc. along with manufacturers of H & M fashion products. The two companies are still in the process of obtaining certification from the National Electric Company, but there are several clauses that still need to be discussed further. Separately, Chairperson of the Industrial Estate Association (HKI), Sanny Iskandar, hopes that companies in industrial estates would like to apply tariff premium services from PLN. By using premium tariff services from PLN, and PLN is always willing to supply electricity at the premium price.

Using this premium rate is seen as more profitable in terms of service, including getting priority for never going out of power, even if only for an instant. “With the certainty of supply and avoiding blackouts or disruptions, we from HKI expect other companies in industrial areas that have long existed to gradually shift from using conventional TDLs to applying premium service tariffs,” he said.

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