PLN Pursues 98% Electrification Ratio in West Sumatra This Year

PADANG – PLN’s Main Unit of the West Sumatra Region targets the electrification ratio in the province to reach 98% by the end of this year, up from the position of March 2019, which is 92.8%. To achieve this target, PLN continues to make various efforts including the connection of electricity in villages that have not been electrified.

“At present there are 1,158 villages that are already electrified. Of that number, 16 villages are electrified through an energy-saving solar light program (LTSHE) from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. General Manager of the PLN West Sumatra Regional Master Unit Bambang Dwiyanto during symbolic electricity ignition in Bungus Village, Teluk Kabung Subdistrict, Padang City, West Sumatra.
He added, in West Sumatra to increase electrification faced a number of challenges including mountainous and steep geographical conditions. The condition made it difficult for the company to withdraw the electricity network.
However, he said, thanks to good cooperation and strong synergy with the government, PLN continues to strive to provide electricity services to the community. “There is still road infrastructure that is not yet good. But it is slowly being improved so that we can serve people who need electricity,” he explained.

According to Bambang Dwiyanto, remote areas that still have to be pursued by electrification ratios include the Mentawai Islands, South Solok, and West Pasaman.
One of the residents who had just received a village electricity program from PLN, Armis (54), said that he was very happy because his house was currently electrified. Armis revealed his new home a week ago with a 900VA capacity network.

“Previously, I used a kerosene-fueled wall lamp at night. Apart from being expensive, Rp10,000 per liter, this kerosene lamp was troublesome. If it is electricity, just push it,” he said.

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