PLN will build an earthquake-resistant electricity project

Jakarta – PT PLN (Persero) wants to build an earthquake-resistant electricity infrastructure. This is necessary considering Indonesia’s geographical location is in the ring of fire, so it is prone to earthquakes.

“Just think about it. Indeed, it should be like the area of the ring of fire (electricity infrastructure) should indeed be resistant (earthquake) so,” said Director of Strategic Procurement 2 PT PLN (Persero) Supangkat Iwan Santoso at the Office of the Coordinating Ministry of Kemaritiman, Jakarta , Friday (10/19/2018).

His party is also considering the development of electricity infrastructure in the future using earthquake resistant methods.

“(In the future it will build an earthquake-resistant electrical infrastructure), so we consider that,” he said.

Iwan said with earthquake-resistant technology, the cost of developing electricity infrastructure would be more expensive. But he could not elaborate further.

“It’s more expensive, but the technology is important. Rather than like now,” he said.

He realized the importance of this. Because the earthquake and tsunami in Palu alone made PLN’s electricity infrastructure badly damaged. This has a wide impact.

“The most important thing is that if the PLN was affected by the tsunami, it would continue to be disrupted, even as yesterday the one in Palu was so bad that everything was affected. For example, thousands of BTS died, communication was lost, and it was also dark, of course the hospital and so on (affected ), “he added.


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