Rajamandala Hydroelectric Power Plant finally officially operated after 3 years delay

Jakarta – The Rajamandala Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA) finally officially operated after being postponed for three years due to a number of problems. Previously, this 15 MW hydroelectric capacity was targeted to operate commercially or conduct a commercial operation date (COD) in 2017.
After making improvements to the design and application of technology to overcome the problem, as well as the reduction in project implementation permits from PT PLN (Persero), construction work was finally completed in 2019. The Rajamandala PLTA is located in Cihea Village, Haurwangi District, Cianjur Regency.
Acting (Plt) President Director of Indonesia Power M. Ahsin Sidqi said the Rajamandala PLTA with a capacity of 47 MW is an EBT plant development program in accordance with the PLN Electric Power Provider (RUPTL) Plan in 201-2028, operating since May 12, 2019.
With a total investment of US $ 150 million, the construction of the hydropower plant takes around seven years since 2012. The construction of the hydropower plant in cooperation between the PLN Subsidiary namely Indonesia Power (IP) and Kansai Electric Power Corp Japan (KEPCO) becomes PT Rajamandala Electric Power .

The Rajamandala PLTA utilizes the Citarum river flow which is the output of the Saguling PLTA. This PLTA does not require the construction of a reservoir or can be called a run-off-river hydropower category.

“PLN and Indonesia Power are very welcome and committed to the use of Renewable Energy and community development, so we believe that Indonesia Power will become the leading in the field of Renewable Energy,” Ahsin said.
Rajamandala Hydroelectric Power Plant is targeted to strengthen the Java-Bali electricity interconnection system through a 150 kV (kilo Volt) Cianjur-Cigereleng transmission as well as an electricity backup system, especially in the Bandung Regency area.

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