Solar Energy Solutions for Providing Future Electricity

JAKARTA – Executive Director of the Institute for Esential Services Reform (IESR) Fabby Tumiwa said that solar energy could be a sustainable, safe and competitive electricity supply solution for Indonesia. Indonesia has a large potential of electricity from solar energy.

“Indonesia has a large potential of electricity from solar energy that can meet the electricity needs in the future in the form of solar power plants (PLTS) on the ground and rooftop solar power plants,” Fabby said in his presentation and Study of the Solar Energy Acceleration Panel in Indonesia “Solar Day 2019: Chasing The Sun” at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (30/7).
In Solar Day 2019: Chasing The Sun, IESR launched four studies related to recommendations for large-scale solar energy development in Indonesia. The study also includes technical potential for households, market studies, as well as the technical potential of public buildings in two metropolitan cities in Indonesia namely Jabodetabek and Surabaya.

Fabby hopes that this study can provide input to businesses and the government to encourage increased use of solar energy in Indonesia. Fabby assessed that Indonesia has a large potential market for solar electricity users in households, commercial buildings, government buildings and industries.

Fabby said, the trend of the cost of electricity generation from sunlight is increasingly cheap and competitive. This makes solar electricity able to compete with plants that use fossil fuels.

One of the IESR researchers, Hapsari Damayanti, said that based on a study conducted by IESR, the technical potential of rooftop solar electricity (solar rooftop) in residential buildings in 34 Indonesian provinces reached 194 to 655 Gigawatt-peak (GWp). Hapsari said, of the total number of households in Indonesia, there are 17.8 percent of households that have the financial capacity to install rooftop solar electricity devices, which are estimated to reach capacities of 34 to 116 GWp.

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