The Indonesian Electricity System is getting more reliable so there is no electricity deficit

The reliability of Indonesia’s electricity system from year to year continues to experience a significant increase. This is inseparable from efforts to provide and develop electricity infrastructure in the country which is driven by the Government through PT PLN (Persero).

“The government continues to encourage the provision of electricity to remote areas through its various programs. In addition to being reliable, more importantly the price is affordable,” said the Head of Communication, Public Information Services and Cooperation of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Agung Pribadi in Jakarta.

The geographical condition of Indonesia which is an archipelagic country is a major challenge in the effort to provide access to electricity that reaches all corners of the country, in addition to economic factors. The electricity system is present as an effort to facilitate the supervision of the electricity condition of the archipelago.

The presence of interconnection is increasingly increasing the reliability of existing electrical systems. “Currently Indonesia consists of 38 large systems and small systems surrounding it, where for Java and Bali it has become a unified system or commonly called an interconnection system,” said Vice President Public Relations of PLN, Dwi Suryo Abdullah in a PLN press release.

Dwi further said that since 2018 there was no longer a system that experienced a shortage of electricity supply (deficit). When compared with 2015, at that time there were still 11 electricity systems in Indonesia.

“In 2015 there were 11 systems that experienced a deficit, but since 2018 these conditions have changed and the entire system has ceased to exist, even in a number of large systems, has a reserve margin of up to 30%,” Dwi said.

Reserve margin or power reserve is certainly not only to overcome the conditions during the plant in routine maintenance, but more than that can also encourage investment growth in the manufacturing industry sector.

According to Dwi, the important development of electricity systems and infrastructure is in order to accelerate the achievement of an electrification ratio of 99.9% by the end of 2019.

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