The system’s electrical Power 25 MW Surplus of Jayapura

JAYAPURA-management PT PLN (Persero) Region of Papua and West Papua (WP2B) claim now traction Jayapura experiencing surplus power up to 25 megawatts (MW) of power supply are estimated so that until the end of the year in conditions of safety. Managing Generation Unit Manager of PLN WP2B, Nyoman Rai Satriadi, explains power now generated a number of capable of generating 100 MW is reached at Kempton. “Our peak load for the sector of Jayapura and its surrounding areas were in a position of 75 MW.

According to him, with the current conditions at Kempton which are rarely rain, water discharge in River Yarmok less to be able to make the plant works well.

Then, regarding the number of times the occurrence of electrical outages, Nyoman mentions it not because of a lack of supply, but more due to network maintenance. He made sure the middle trying to improve conditions the PLN network electricity so that at the moment of the celebration of Christmas and new year 2018 2019, does not occur and the community get through the moment incur a joy. In addition, he asked for the participation of the community to maintain the existing electrical infrastructure and immediate contacting PLN when knowing there is a problem on the network.


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