Total Capacity of 10,045 MW Power Plant Operates in 2020

Jakarta, Indonesia – PT PLN (Persero) said the completion of the 35 thousand Megawatt (MW) electricity megaproject will reach its peak in 2020. In the next year, an estimated 10,060 generators, all of which are included in the 35 thousand MW program, can already operate.

Of these, the planned 3,498 MW power plant is the portion of PLN, 6,247 MW of private power developers (Independent Power Producer / IPP), and the remaining 300 MW is the result of cooperation between business areas.

If viewed from the source of energy, next year’s plant operation will still be dominated by Steam Power Plants (PLTU) of 6,047 MW, or 60.11 percent of the total power plants operating. Then, it was followed by a Steam Gas Power Plant (PLTGU) with a capacity of 2,276 MW, or 22.62 percent of the plant’s operation.

“So the big sizing of the 35 thousand MW project will occur in 2020,” explained Director of Corporate Planning PLN Syofvi Felienty Roekman, in Jakarta.
He said, there were two large power plants which were supposed to be operational in 2020. But the development is accelerated so that these two plants can operate this year.

Meanwhile, the two plants are the Cilacap PLTU phase II expansion with a capacity of 1×1,000 MW and Java 7 PLTU with a capacity of 2×1,000 MW. This makes the realization of 35 thousand MW this year which was estimated at only around 800 MW to 3,585 MW.

“It is planned that the Java 7 PLTU will enter in the third quarter of this year and also from the expansion of the Cilacap PLTU. So this year we will accelerate, which in 2020 will have two large plants, we will be able to enter this year,” Syofvi explained.

Syofvi added that all 35 thousand MW megaprojects will be completed around 2023 or 2024 in the future. According to the National Electricity Supply Business Plan (RUPTL) from 2019 to 2028, there will be a plant with a capacity of 7,237 MW operating in 2023 and 6,226 MW in the next 2024.

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