Translucent Rp. 16.23 Trillion PLN Electricity Sales in East Java

Indonesia – The State Electricity Company (PLN) of the East Java Main Distribution Unit (East Java) recorded an increase in electricity sales of 3.86 percent in January to May 2019. General Manager of PLN UID East Java, Bob Saril said sales in January to May 2019 amounted to 15,161,436 MWH. Or if it is converted, sales are Rp. 16,228,267,619,047.
“This is inseparable from PLN’s efforts to make it easier for people to get electricity and improve operational performance,” Bob said through a press release on Wednesday (26/6).
Bob added, in May 2019 the realization of sales of PLN East Java UID increased by 564,087 MWH which showed better performance compared to May of the previous year. The biggest sales growth was supported by the South Surabaya Customer Service Unit (UP3) which rose by 2.76 percent from the previous year, or an increase of 46,298 MWH.

Bob said, in an effort to achieve the growth target in 2019, his party still relied on electricity consumption from the industrial sector and households. “The increase in sales is largely supported by the industrial sector despite the number of customers more household customers,” Bob said.

Bob claimed, PLN UID Jatim continues to make breakthroughs in an effort to meet the sales target in 2019. The breakthrough in question is through a series of interesting programs such as New Super Power, which provides various programs to facilitate electricity services in East Java. Then there is the Sparkling East Java program, or the installment program to apply for a New Install for 450 to 1,300 VA.

Bob explained, the increase in sales was successfully achieved by PLN UID East Java through various efforts. Such as optimizing the role of RAM (Retail Account Marketing) and KAM (Key Account Marketing) to introduce PLN products directly to customers. In addition, marketing activities were also held when Car Free Day in various regions of East Java, as well as the activity of PLN for promotions at various major events.

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