Transmission of PLN hit by lightning, tens of thousands of houses in Bangka are dark

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Editor: Ferry Muharram, Tens of thousands of homes in Pangkal Pinang City and Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands, were not electrified after PNL’s electricity transmission line in the area was struck by lightning. “The transmission of PLN was struck by lightning, resulting in several power plants being shut down. Normalization of the system will be carried out gradually,” said PLN Area Manager Bangka, Eko Prihandana, Saturday night. Eko estimates the recovery process will take three hours.

“Earlier the 150 kV transmission line on Pangkal Pinang to Sungailiat was struck by lightning at 19.41 and 19.51 WIB,” he said. After the transmission was damaged, power outages were carried out in various regions and until 21.20 WIB, most of the Bangka and Pangkal Pinang areas were still completely dark. “We apologize for the inconvenience,” Eko said.

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