Visit Gandul Substation, ESDM Deputy Minister Check Electricity System Before Eid

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Editor: Ferry Muharram,Jakarta . Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Archandra Tahar ensures the readiness of electricity infrastructure ahead of Eid. Check by visiting Gandul’s load control center (P2B), Depok.

Arcandra said, the readiness of electricity supply is very important, so that people can celebrate Eid with their families comfortably as the supply of electricity is available.
“For that we make sure the reliability and availability of electricity supply during Eid is sufficient,” he said on the sidelines of his visit to P2B Gandul, Depok
Central Java Regional PLN Business Director Amir Rosidin said a number of efforts had been made to ensure the readiness and reliability of the electricity system. This includes the readiness of the generating unit, strengthening the transmission and distribution network.

Then pause maintenance of the installation at the transmission and substation, except for emergency work repairing damage or equipment disruption.

In addition, make plans and operating patterns of generating units based on the estimated load (load forecast) in the Eid al-Fitr period in previous years. This is by preparing a spinning reserve greater than regular time.

“Conduct supervision and alert on a number of vital objects such as mosques and crowded centers related to supply availability,” he said.

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