With the slading scale, the Government will auction five WKP geothermal in next year

Jakarta. The Ministry of energy and Mineral resources (DEMR) will auction five work areas of geothermal (WKP) in 2019. Total resources of the WKP amounting to 784 Megawatts (MW), totaling 165 MW pegembangan plan. Director of the Directorate General of Energy Geothermal Renewable and New energy conservation (EBTKE) Nuryatin Finahari Ida presents fifth WKP which will be auctioned off next year is Lainea in Southeast Sulawesi with 66 MW and resource development plan 20 MW, Sembalun regions in West Nusa Tenggara (100 MW/20 MW), the pool of Ranu in North Maluku (85 MW/5 MW), Kotamobagu in North Sulawesi (410 MW/80 MW), and Bora Pulu in Central Sulawesi (123 MW/40 MW).

Before the auction, the Ministry of MINERAL RESOURCES is done ask for the State electrical Company PT (PLN) to first draw up the agreement before the transaction or Pre Transaction Agremeent (PTA). According to Ida, it is done as a benchmark price negotiations, so that the rate is no longer a matter of complicated and take a long time. “Now that this task be given to calculate PLN slading scale. At the moment we want to auction it, we love it. Right price negotiations over this old, so if there is a benchmark price of about it, makes it easy for developers and for negotiation of PLN, so its not too complicated again, “said Ida to the media at the Office of EBTKE, Ditjen Friday (26/10).

Price negotiations could last long among others due to the difference of the data between the pre-and post exploration. So, later performed with the pricing scale certain shifts or sliding scale, which will be implemented in the upcoming auction of 2019. “The negotiations soon, because if the exploration, originally 50 MW, it turns out that only 20 MW, so nego the price again by PLN. Well, now so that there is already a shadow, (hitung-hitungan) is being conducted by PLN,” he added. IDA said, the potential that varies in each area became obstacles in determining price. However, Ida target pricing is expected to be completed before the turn of the year. As for the preparation of the draft, submitted to the PLN, but for a discussion and penetapannnya conducted in conjunction with EBTKE and Ketenagalistrikan Ditjen Ditjen.

In the year 2018, Ditjen EBTKE not do auctions, but gives the assignment of five WKP to PLN. where the assignment against the three WKP with 55 MW development plan has been made, and two with the development plan of the WKP 25 MW is still in the process of assigning . In addition, there is also one assignment to the Geo Dipa Energy the WKP Mount Ciremai, Kuningan, West Java with the development plan of 110 MW.


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